Life without imagery
A recent study found that certain people are unable to picture vivid images in their head. This condition is called "aphantasia".

In their polls, the researchers found that aphantasia was very rare, but they asked only a few people.

This is an attempt at discovering whether aphantasia is truly as rare as they say.

If you would like to read the original research, it's this way:
First, please tell us a little bit about you.

Don't worry, none of this can/will be used to track back to you. We are using this data to better understand the patterns of aphantasia.
What is you gender identity?

What age group are you in?

If you answered 'Other' or 'Student' to question 1c, please tell us a bit more here...

Try and picture the image of a loved one that is not currently physically close to you. It could be your partner, family, or a close friend.

All the questions will have the same type of answer, but we'll  remind you of what the levels mean from time to time. Are you thinking of that special someone? Let's go.
How clearly can you picture their face, head, shoulders and body? *

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers. Use 1 if you know what you are thinking of, but no picture appears. Use 2 for a flat, fractional picture, and 3,4,5 for increasing levels of clarity.
What about their attitudes, expressions, and behaviour? *

Remember, this is about how clear the image is. If you kind of know the answer, but don't see a picture, check 1. If you see them right in front of you, check 5.
... their walk, length of step, etc...? Can you picture them walking or running? *

What about some of their favourite clothes. Can you picture what they look like or what colour they are?

Now, try and imagine a rising sun. It can be in whatever setting you like, a real or imagined one.

The sun is slowly rising above the horizon into a hazy sky.

How clearly do you picture this scene?
Now the sky clears, and the sun rises into a clear blue sky.

Clouds gather. A storm blows up with flashes of lightning.

A rainbow appears.

Think of the front of a shop which you often go to. Consider the picture that comes before your mind’s eye.

Picture your shop from the opposite side of the street, its general appearance and exterior amid the neighboring buildings. How clear is the picture?

Now, focus on the window display or the counter. Can you evoke individual colours, shapes and details or even numbers of the items for sale?

Remember, 5 means that its' so clear you can almost touch them, 1 means you may recall some of the item's properties (name, type, size) but not what they look like.
You are near the entrance. Can you picture the entrance door ?

You enter the shop and go to the counter. The counter assistant serves you. Money changes hands. Can you picture this scene?

Now we are going to think of a landscape which involves trees, a lake and a mountain. It can be one that you've been to or an imaginary one.

How well do you see the landscape as a whole, its contours and general atmosphere?

Just to remind you, we are considering the level of detail and believability of your mental image.
What about the color and shape of the trees?

And how well do you picture the lake?

Now imagine (or recall) a strong wind rising. Can you evoke sounds and images, its effect on the landscape?

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